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Web Master, Developer, Designer on Jan 20, 13
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Just as with any site that is designed several years ago, it needs updating. Empress Audio was no different and they came to me with the idea of having a more modern website that can be viewed on mobile devices as well. I designed the site to do just that, but also did it with the intention that in the future it can be easily transformed into an eCommerce site. The client is not ready to push online marketing and selling of their products, but they do have the goal of doing this in the future which was a tough task to figure out in the beginning. But, with some thought out ideas and research, I have designed a mobile friendly, modern, and easy to use website that shows off their business and what they are all about. More importantly though, is that once they are ready to have an online storefront all I have to do is “flip the switch” so to speak and they will have the ability to add products and sell them online.

This functionality has proved to be a success and has excited the client to further push the idea to become both a physical and online storefront, which in the end will bring their goals to fruition.

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