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Developer, Designer on Feb 3, 13
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Bluefire Wireless had a much needed website updating as the business is a full service SIM card distributer. They needed to have a mobile friendly site that reflects the latest technology as an online storefront can really make or break the sale of a product. A direct snippet about what they do is:

Challenged to find a more economical way to make mobile phone calls when travelling internationally, our founder set out to develop a vast wireless network that would use the latest technology to enable travelers to make wireless calls at low local rates from virtually any country.

This led me to believe they need a modern website plush with easy to use user-interface, engaging graphics, responsive design, and a reliable shopping cart. It was all designed with the power of WordPress behind the scenes using PHP allowing the client to make edits and changes freely. Using WordPress eliminates the need for the client to contact me any time they need small changes, which is a win-win for all parties as it allows me to focus on making development changes and gives them the freedom the update as much as possible in a very easy and intuitive way.

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