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  • 10 and 90: The Story of Logan Seelye

    10 and 90

    10 and 90 has a very important meaning to me, as it stands for “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” You see, I...
  • Washington Job's Daughters International

    Washington Job’s Daughters International

    I was tasked with creating a new web presence for the client. Washington Job’s Daughters International needed to revamp their website, and I...
  • Bluefire Wireless

    Bluefire Wireless had a much needed website updating as the business is a full service SIM card distributer. They needed to have a mobile friendly...
  • Empress Audio & Marine

    Just as with any site that is designed several years ago, it needs updating. Empress Audio was no different and they came to me with the idea of...
  • My VOCO

    My VOCO offers products that are voice controlled, multi-room, music and video streaming allowing the user to have full control of their media no...
  • My Portfolio

The awesome things I do!

  • Web Design

    Hand coded or template based design using the latest standards and techniques. It is my goal to meet the needs all of your goals to the utmost degree

  • Web Development

    HTML(5), CSS(3), jQuery, Javascript, ajax, etc. I develop beautiful and user-friendly sites with a combination of various languages

  • Responsive Design

    Mobile friendly design is very important now-a-days. I design sites with this in mind ensuring that they look good and function on all platforms

  • Graphic Design

    Whether it’s a logo, advertisement, user-interface or any graphic, I design eye-catching and awesome pieces to meet your projects needs

  • eCommerce Websites

    Online shops are pushing out physical storefronts. I design easy to use sites for your business whether you sell a downloadable or physical product

  • Apparel Design

    T-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, jackets, pants, etc. I design graphics that will look good on clothing no matter the size that will make you stand out of the crowd

  • SEO

    Pushing your site to the top of the search engines is key, and I do this by using meta tags, descriptions, effective linking, well structured content and URL’s

  • Social Media Integration

    Social media can play a huge role in marketing your site. I design sites to be user friendly and integrate the various social media accounts

  • Maintenance

    Maintaining websites is key once they are complete. I continue to perform maintenance, SEO, and updating the site as much as needed

A Little About Me

Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.

I’m a 27 year old, laid back, Pacific Northwest bred, fun loving guy who loves to code and design. Nearly 10 years ago I was in a football accident at high school football camp and suffered a spinal cord injury that resulted in becoming a quadriplegic. I use a manual wheelchair to get around, but I have the “no-give-up” attitude and live my life with such a positive outlook. I go to the gym every morning before work to continue my road to recovery to get back on my feet. I am a much more mature and responsible person because of the injury and everywhere I go I consistently get compliments of my “can-do” and positive attitude. I decided to get into web development when I went to college because I have always been a creative person, and web design struck me as something I liked and could develop into a career. I have always been attracted towards technology and all it provides, thus learning how to code and design beautiful websites and functionality was something I was very much attracted to. When I’m not designing, I love to hang out with my wife and daughter, play video games, watch movies, work out, and I am a die hard Seattle Seahawks fan. Go Hawks!


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